Anonymous asked:

How do you know that picture is a manip??


1. It’s been around forever, I saw the thing last year in the stydia tag, & people were freaking out about it then.

2. It’s from a fanvideo by xxwhisperofdreamsxx (on youtube), who is known for her awesome photoshop & manip skills in her videos. I can’t remember exactly what video it is but if you watch a few of her videos im sure you’ll see it. 

What if?


The next episode title is ‘Orphaned’ right? What if we see Lydia get news that Stiles’ dad is hurt or something. Like it comes full circle with the previous season foreshadowing it when Stiles said he can’t lose both parents.

Then Lydia is just standing there, shocked. And Stiles is all ‘Whatever it is, it’s gonna be OK. I promise.’ Then he just goes in for the hug. So Lydia is just staring at nothing and couldnt move because she couldnt tell Stiles what happened.